Because eating right

should be easy.

We get all the food knowledge and nutritional science together so we can give you the best meal recommendations available, fully personalized to your unique needs, situation, goals, and preferences.

Working long hours, too many personal commitments and always being on the go – it’s difficult to follow a healthy diet when you’re constantly busy and in a rush. We have been there and experienced first hand what an unhealthy diet does to our bodies.

Especially when living a demanding life, fueling your body the right way is key.  The right diet can help you continue to thrive and stay energized now and prevent future diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. What you eat also greatly affects your mood and your mental health.

Your personal nutritionist on the go. Nutrition Ivy provides you with easy and time saving meal recommendations taking into account your unique dietary needs, restrictions, and preferences.

It's like having your personal nutritionist with you all the time, virtually in an app.

Get personalized recommendations

Save time

Enjoy life

Ivy will 

  • know what your lifestyle, life stage and medical situation mean for your ideal nutritional daily intake and what food you should have or avoid.
  • consider your allergies, intolerances, and dietary preferences or dislikes.
  • have detailed nutritional values of all our recipes and partnering restaurants.
  • recommend you restaurant meals or recipes supporting your body to get everything it needs naturally.
Your on the go.

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